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Product Detail
HTR Sublimation Transfer Paper
Specification: 35g-120g
Type: Digital Transfer Paper
Production Description

     HTR transfer paper is suitable for different kinds of ink-jet printers, and paper gram varies from 35 gsm to 120 gsm, which can meet different customers’ requirements.  SUNLEY paper is of high quality  (transferrate over 95%) at the time of high speed printing, which is also characterized by quick drying and unbuckling; It also adopted international high technical standard,compare with similar imported products.  Welcome to choose SUNLEY!

Range of application

Chemical fiber, polyester, blended fabrics,nonpure cotton, etc. As well as the heat transfer of coated metal, chemical fibers,ceramics, glass and other materials. Hundreds of products such as clothes,cloth bag, hat, pillow, magnet brick, mark cup, mouse pad, cup mat, yearcalendar, medal, golden flag and so on.


The printing process is simple, no plate, nosewage, low carbon emission, environmental-friendly and carries bright colors.


The product has stronger moisture absorption ability,please store it in the environment less than 70% humidity, and put that in awrapping bag in a shade place avoiding lights.


Inkjet printing needs to fill specialized transferprinting inks in inkjet printer cartridges, then do mirror print on thetransfer paper, then attach the fabric printing surface and paper printingsurface together after drying. Flat pressing or roll pressing (pressing timedepends on temperature and fabrics, generally is about 15-30 seconds) underabout 210 degree temperature, and the patterns will be sublimated to thefabrics after pressing.

About Us

     SUNLEY NOVA MATERIAL (QU ZHOU) CO., LTD was founded in green industry gathering area (national Hi-Tech parks) of Quzhou city, Zhejiang province in Feb, 2017. SUNLEY specializes in the development, production and sales of digital transfer paper for green printing technology.

    SUNLEY is market-oriented, with green technology R&D being the driving force of innovation. Adopting the high-speed automatic equipments of self-owned intellectual property to produce transfer paper, SUNLEY has built up modern enterprise management system and is accumulating in core competences. We are committing to create values for our customers and society.

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