The principle, manufacture and application of sticky sublimation transfer paper

The principle, manufacture and application of stickysublimation transfer paper


Sticky sublimation transfer paper is a kind of high technologysublimation transfer paper. It adhered to fabric in the process of transferprinting, eliminate the textile contraction caused by shift or in the processof transfer printing paper cloth ghosting or detail is missing. Especially suitfor high elastic fabric. It will help you to reduce the printed printingdefects and improve the qualified rate.



Hot sticky sublimation transfer paper coated withhot glue ingredient, glue temperature is 160 ℃,early in 180-220 ℃ when thetransfer printing paper and fabric with proper moisture adhesive, avoidtransfer paper and transfer printing fabric shift image edge blur and resultedin a loss of image details.


Hot sticky sublimation transfer paper has simpleprinciple but stable production is not very easy to do. The Chinese and foreignmany well-known transfer paper companies have made a mistake on the stickysublimation transfer paper manufacturing quality, large quantities of recalland compensation cause painful losses, the reasons as follows:

(1) The recipe must be accurate, theproduction process must be stable, coating amount must be controlled below 0.5g/m2, otherwise it will cause over stick or not sticky in part of sublimationpaper, even blending the negative and positive transfer paper stickingtogether, so making transfer paper in addition to the precision coating ofcoating head, must have the coating weight scanners to monitor and manualoperation to cooperate.

(2)The production of sticky sublimation transfer paper must alsoimprove the environmental protection device, the adhesive in the coating cannotbe washed with the site sewage discharge!

(3)Must have appropriatetesting standard and perfect quality assurance system, production and testingrunning at the same time, the quality fluctuation control within the scope ofthe permit (the sticky sublimation transfer paper produce by sunle company has  sell large quantities into the domesticmarket and OEM exports, prefect quality well- know by all of them).

(4) Adhesion to fabric not only needs to have uniform coating, butalso has proper stiffness, too hard adhesion is not good, too soft is difficultto peel.

3.Differencebetween Chinese and foreign sticky sublimation paper



adhesive  property

Clarity  degree

Dry Speed

Transfer rate

expiration date














3 months

South Korea














Note: the Holland sticky sublimation transferpaper is a PVA binder on the surface of ordinary sublimation paper, and theshelf life is very short due to the interface reaction.


(1)Printthe pattern on this product with special ink(sublimation ink ) ,wait to dry.

(2)Will be printedafter drying the patterns of the surface on the fabric ready for transferprinting paper (printed side match fabric), with flat or roller heat pressmachine, press temperature 200-220 ℃,time 20 to 25 seconds, the fabric will besticking with paper, pattern is transferred to the fabric.


(1)Pleasemake sure the ink is fully dry when you transfer it.

(2)Please do notcontact with the high temperature for long time before transfer, otherwise theviscosity will be reduced.

(3)The stickinessof Sticky sublimation transfer paper can change in different temperature andhumidity environment. If it over more , can be pressed and wait for 3-5 minutesor longer to peel until it is cooled.

(4)Differentfabric, different surface tension, so please select the appropriate transfertemperature and time before batch transfer.

(5)Stickysublimation transfer paper can be widely used in various kinds of chemicalfiber and blended fabric, especially for elastic fabrics, and also goodperformance in the mat transfer.


Sticky sublimationtransfer paper moisture absorption ability is stronger, please be sure to storein a humidity less than 70% of the environment, and tighten plastic bags in theshade to avoid light preservation.

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