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Address:No.2 Donggang Second Road,Green Industry Clustering Zone,Quzhou,Zhejiang Province


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     SUNLEY NOVA MATERIAL (QU ZHOU) CO., LTD was founded in green industry gathering area (national Hi-Tech parks) of Quzhou city, Zhejiang province in Feb, 2017. SUNLEY specializes in the development, production and sales of digital transfer paper for green printing technology.

    SUNLEY is market-oriented, with green technology R&D being the driving force of innovation. Adopting the high-speed automatic equipments of self-owned intellectual property to produce transfer paper, SUNLEY has built up modern enterprise management system and is accumulating in core competences. We are committing to create values for our customers and society.

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Address:No.22 Donggang Second Road,Green Industry Clust                ering Zone,Quzhou,Zhejiang

Office:0570 - 3666819,Fax:0570-3666816